Murder Mystery

New York based pop quartet Murder MysteryCourtesy of Team Clermont

Murder Mystery, “Love Astronaut”

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The way some people talk about “pop music” is more of an insult than a classification — a real pity, since the New-York quartet Murder Myster defines this genre in unaccusably brilliant ways. The band’s debut album, Are You Ready For The Heartache Cause Here it Comes, is filled to the brim with incredibly slick melodies, peppy hand clapping, and sugary sweet harmonies that are nothing but pleasant — and fun — to listen to.

Track three off from the album, “Love Astronaut,” is a picture-perfect example of what Murder Mystery is about. Driven by a simple two-note keyboard phrase moving up and down the scale, and jazzed up by catchy guitar and bass solos, the song can’t help but make you feel good, in spite of the fact that it tells the story of a man who’s “looking for love” and can’t find it. But even the lyricists, brother-sister duo Jerry and Laura Coleman, can’t get caught up in the melancholy of the topic, instead singing smiling lines like, “I’m the captain of a ship or an astronaut in space, traveling around the world looking for pretty face.” In a time when more and more indie music is tended toward pretention and seriousness, the bright pep of Murder Mystery is a more-than-welcomed a breath of fresh air.

By Asst. Entertainment Editor Andrew Swerlick


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