Science for Girls

Darren Soloman, the force behind New York Electronica project Science for GirlsCourtesy of Team Clermont

Science For Girls, “You’ll Never Know it”

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Electronica is ususally not the place you’ll find good vocalists. Singing tends to take a backseat to heavily synthesized instrumentation and driving bass. But New-York based Science for Girls takes a different approach, putting a series of gorgeous vocalists front and center, letting a down-tempo mix of snare loops, synth solos, and low bass form a lush backdrop.

Science For Girls is the brainchild of bassist, songwriter, and one-time Ray Charles collaborator Darren Soloman. On this self-titled debut album, Soloman brings together a long list of vocal collaborators — people relatively unknown in the popular music world but whose talents are undeniable — like the brother-sister duo Tevor and Bronwen Exter who lend their languid tenor and soprano voices to the tracks “Pattern Recognition” and “14 days.”

Soloman even showcases his own vocals to the project, albiet in a somewhat distored form. The track “You’ll Never Know” features Soloman singing through a vocoder that matches the pitch of his voice to what he plays on the bass guitar. Think Peter Frampton in that new Gieco commercial. The otherworldly thin fuzziness that this distortion adds matches perfectly with the eeire keyboard tones and jittery snare drum that back it. It’s the perfect song to compliment a perfect album for late at nights when all you want to do is stop time and stay up listening to your iPod just a little while longer.

By Asst. Entertainment Editor Andrew Swerlick


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