The Plastic Constellations


The Plastic Constellations, “Floated Down and Flew Around”

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If any of the guys from The Plastic Constellations invite themselves over to your place for a drink, do not oblige. The band cites “beer and gin” as its primary influences on its MySpace page, while the “Sounds Like” section reads as follows: “4 dudes drinking your beer and dancing in your living room while you try to sleep because you have to wake up early tomorrow for work or school.” After listening to the Constellations yet-to-be-released album, We Appreciate You — their debut Frenchkiss release drops April 15 — its clear these biographic tid-bits are, well, true. The band is constantly teetering on the edge of implosion, belligerence running rampant among the dueling guitars and vocals.

But much like a “good drunk,” the Constellations never completely lose it: We Appreciate You is riddled with anthemic choruses, making the prospect of them dancing in your living room much more feasible. “Stay That Way” begins with a howling introduction only to be juxtaposed by (relatively) quiet “la la las” midway through the song. And that’s just the first song: The remainder of We Appreciate You boasts winding nonsensical lyrics (noises) that you can’t help but singalong to.

The most brilliant aspect of the Constellations, however, is that their sound would translate beautifully to any stage with any number of onlookers — the band has enough angst and energy to fill whatever voids may be left over. You know, on second thought, invite these guys over to drink your alcohol next time they’re around — if you’re prepared to lose that precious $60 piece of framed art, you’ll have yourself one hell of a party, albeit a lot less beer.

— By Entertainment Editor Chris French


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