Genghis Tron

The member of Genghis TronCourtesy of Relapse

Genghis Tron – “Board Up the House”

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Be warned: Genghis Tron is not for you. Hailing from Philly, the trio is part of a fast-growing genre that blends typical metal with electronic-based noises and deathcore — yeah, deathcore — which sounds like complete hell to most, and it is. But if you give the band’s debut album, Dead Mountain Mouth, a couple spins, you’ll find that Genghis Tron is doing things that are completely inconceivable for three people to accomplish — things that would make other “cutting-edge” bands cringe.

The CD’s title track begins with a ripping guitar and drum run, underpinned by wail-er Mookie Singerman thrashing his vocal chords. And if you really pay attention to all the different sounds, and how each fits so well with one another, it’ll give you goose bumps. Not in the season for all that screamin’? Just listen to the instrumentation then, which, on its own, deserve major accolades.
With a killer new album, Board Up The House, due out Feb. 19, Genghis Tron is one of those few much-needed bands that keep the music industry on its toes, honest and innovative.

— By Entertainment Editor Chris French

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