Hard Fi

British pop group Hard FiCourtesy of Atlantic Records
Hard Fi’s Myspace

Most everything sounds charming with a British accent. But the lyrics to “Better Do Better” from England-based indie band Hard-Fi should be excluded from this generalization. With lines like, “Your face makes me want to be sick/Yeah, it’s a physics reaction,” the song is an ode to former victims of heartache who are now bitter and empowered.

Not all of Hard-Fi’s lyrics are quite so harsh, though. Take, for example, “Living For the Weekend,” which completely contrasts its more caustic counterparts. The entire song glorifies those two brilliant days when responsibilities yield to going out with friends, having fun and spending too much money. Listening to it on a dull Wednesday night of physics problems or dry reading is almost all the motivation you need to get through the week to Friday.

Hard-Fi manages to be catching without sounding too poppy or redundant. Their songs are perfect to pick you up when you’re alone in your room, but also to blare with friends while driving around on a Saturday night. These guys might not start the second British Invasion, but they’re definitely worth checking out.

–By Asst. Entertainment Editor Ani Vrabel

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