Ski Club

Atlanta based quintet Ski ClubCourtesy Ski Club

Ski Club – “My Dear Gertrude”

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If you ever have the chance to go see Ski Club live don’t stand to close to the stage. In fact, make sure you’re at least ten feet back. And make sure you’ve got a few people between you and the band. You’ll need to them to absorb the shock when one of the band members comes careening of the stage.

The five piece group from our own Atlanta, GA plays a high energy set, made up of high energy music, and filled with what in poor light could be mistaken for an all out brawl between band members. Even on their recently released EP, Mother Mountain, Father Sky, this energy comes across loud and clear, carried over by the wailing vocals of lead singer John Dance and the three guitars played by Dance and fellow band members Kris Sampson and Kyle Gordon.

Ski Club plays the kind of instantly familiar power pop that feels has you feeling certain you’ve heard this song before and you’d just must have forgotten how good it was. There are simple but catchy guitar riffs, crooning male vocals , and rousing epic choruses. This is the stuff of Teenage Fan Club, or more recently the Killers, but without the emphasis on fuzzy synthesizers.

But if my descriptions make Ski Club sound unoriginal and clichéd, then I’m not doing the band justice. There’s a freshness to them that’s hard to pin down. Maybe its the energy that everyone in the band seems to so clearly display. Or maybe its the southern rock touch that seems to be laced throughout their work. (Interesting side note, many of the members of Ski Club moonlight in a old school style southern rock band named Pasendena). Or maybe it’s just that these guys have figured out how to do what they do so well, that it doesn’t really matter that we’ve heard something like it before.

But of course, the great thing about these guys is since they’re home-grown talent you don’t have to take my word for it, you can go see them yourselves at one of the many shows they play around the Atlanta area. This Friday they’ll be at Smith’s Olde Bar along with a bunch of other local favorites, including the Athens based Modern Skirts. Just remember when you go, don’t get to close to the stage.

– By Asst. Entertainment Editor Andrew Swerlick




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