Katy Perry

Indie songstress Kate Perry with Capitol RecordsCourtesy of Capitol Records

Katy Perry – “Ur So Gay”
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Move over, Ms. Winehouse — there’s a new badass songstress in town. Well, sort of: Capitol newbie Katy Perry is more of a singing rebel than a badass; more concerned with challenging societal norms than, well, going to rehab. Her “hit” single, “Ur So Gay,” has struck a resounding chord among counter-culture elitists and mainstream hob-nobbers alike, even though the song’s hook — “You’re so gay / And you don’t even like boys” — isn’t exactly radio-friendly. With its contageous chorus and witty lyrics, the tune has launched Perry into YouTube stardom and garnered her the respect of Billboard and Kevin Lyman, who signed the popster onto his ’08 punk roadshow Warped Tour.

What makes Perry such a segue indie artist is her unabashed sincerity. Although a bundle of her lyrics are completely tongue-in-cheek, the songstress manages to marry humor with humility with honesty. Take “Waking Up In Vegas,” which explores the consequences of a not-so-sober night in Sin City: “I lost my fake ID / But you lost the motel key / Spare me the frickin’ / Dirty looks now / Don’t blame me.”

Sure, Katy Perry isn’t singing about AA meetings, but that doesn’t means she’s at all holding out — she’ll just probably be around longer.

— By Entertainment Editor Chris French


9 responses to “Katy Perry

  1. woo 1st comment 🙂 xx

  2. d’oh! 2nd! 😀

  3. katy i like your songs i kissd a girl and hot new cold . you are beateful

  4. i love katy perry she is very beautifull, i love ur so gay (L)

  5. i love perry
    eres lo maximiximo

  6. hi i am your number one fan and i just wanted to tell you you rock and are pretty!!!!!!!! your songs are the best that iv ever herd

  7. I Love You Katy Perry

  8. lyrics don’t make someone “indie.”

    look up what “indie” actually means and you’ll find that katy perry is definitely_not_indie.

    she’s signed to a major label, just like britney spears and chaka khan.

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