Vampire Weekend

Upbeat pop group Vampire WeekendTim Soter / Courtesy of Beggars

Vampire Weekend’s Myspace

Vampire Weekend will make any college student itch for spring break. The band breathes new vitality into vintage island sounds with such ease — its sound is the sea salt to your musty playlist.

Formed at Columbia, these collegiate rockers caused music bloggers to gush over their Afro-pop flourishes and cheerful keyboards while haters gossiped on the quartet’s affluence and preppy threads. Boat shoes aside, Vampire Weekend’s tunes are far from haughty.

The spry “A-Punk,” from the band’s self-titled album, bounces with the same jingly-jangly guitar of fellow New Yorkers The Strokes, but adds an outright pep. Vampire Weekend’s music juts through the masses with the same going-back-to-basics appeal of The Strokes, too. Lead Singer Ezra Koenig wails a few knots to the indie side, but juxtaposed with the music, his voice becomes more of a ska yelp, particularly when he lets loose with an “Ey ey ey ey.”

You would never expect such a well-educated, -dressed, and -funded endeavor to be so fun and unpretentious. All the sprightly elements converge into a smile-inducing ditty, filled with the sunny simplicity of Belle and Sebastian.

Fresh off the release of their eponymous debut last month, they set off on a tour that docks in Atlanta at The Earl March 9.

Vampire Weekend’s laidback vibe makes listeners yearn for spring break — especially if your itinerary includes a seaside voyage. The quartet is the perfect soundtrack to transport you to that “sandy lawn,” as Koenig sings in “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa,” and its bright, clean melodies invigorated with ska energy create the perfect a seaside vacay. No yacht necessary.

— By Copy Chief Bridget Riley

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