The Winter Sounds

Atlanta based indie quintet the Winter SoundsCourtesy of XO Publicity

The Winter Sounds – “Windy City Nights” Download (Right click and select “Save Link As”)

Not quite over the winter woes? Commiserate with the chilly tunes of The Winter Sounds. Listening to their newest release, Porcelain Empire, it’s obvious that this Atlanta band could not have picked a more appropriate name: Their frosty ballads are strewn with bells, chimes and dings that ring over their rock background. On “Static in the Whole,” frontman Patrick Keenen’s swooning voice drifts over harmonic tones. As the vocals fade midway through the song, the devilish sounds of a distorted guitar fill the vacuum only to be joined by ringing chimes that make you think you’re listening to a carol you can’t quite name, but that might belong in a Tim Burton Christmas movie.

The genius of The Winter Sounds rests in their ability to turn complex layers of unique musical effects into songs that are easily accessible. You can’t help but bob your head to the high-powered riffs of the opening track “Windy City Nights” — and seriously, good luck not dancing along to the energetic beats of “Oblivion.”

The Winter Sounds seamlessly blend eccentric instrumentation into a sound as radiant and smooth as fresh snow. So throw your last log into the fireplace and rock out to The Winter Sounds. Or, to experience them in person, venture out to Smith’s Olde Bar on March 6 to see them perform live.

—By Contributing Writer Alex Blum


One response to “The Winter Sounds

  1. This band is very talented, thank you for the intro to them!

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