The Pierces

The Pierces
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If gothic fairy tales were set in the scandalous world of New York City socialites, The Pierces would sing their soundtrack.
Like their folkpop lyrics, the duo’s semi-true biography is a fairy tale in and of itself. Alabama-bred sisters Catherine and Allison Pierce may not have been abducted by dancing gypsies like they say on their MySpace page, but they did train with Russian ballerina instructors.

The Pierces sound more like a cabaret show than the country group many people think they are. After two major-label flops and too much executive interference, the sisters ditched their contract and recorded Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge the way they wanted to. Thank God they did.

With airy-voiced harmonies, sensuous lyrics and instruments ranging from glockenspiels to ukuleles, The Pierces’ songs are refreshingly diverse. As the album’s name suggests, the girls sing mostly about love and everything that comes with it, from sexual fantasies in “Lights On” to detesting cutesy lines in “Go to Heaven.” But each song is a unique trip into the dark yet whimsical lives of the band members.

“Secret” sounds like something you would hear while riding a merry-go-round in a Tim Burton film, with The Pierces’ cooing lyrics over the beat of an eerie carnival waltz.

In short, the Pierces are like a top-shelf martini for your ears — sweet, sharp and intoxicating. One shot of their seductive lyricism will have you begging for a 14th tale of love and revenge.

—By Asst Entertainment Editor Franchesca Winters


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