The Virgins

the virgins
Courtesy of Catharine McNelly

The Virgins – “Rich Girls” Download (Right click and select “Save Link As”)

The only “music video” on The Virgins’ MySpace page is a 30-second-long handheld camera clip of one of their live shows. On stage with the band, a kid wearing bright blue boxers and aviator sunglasses waves crutches in the air. The lead singer looks dazed and confused while belting out the chorus, and random objects like inflatable baseball bats float through the dancing crowd.

This video pretty much sums up The Virgins. The New York City quartet rocked South By Southwest last week and their entire EP The Virgins ‘07 was featured in an episode of “Gossip Girl,” but they haven’t seemed to notice, keeping true to their quirky selves.
The band’s single, “Rich Girls,” sounds like something a 1970s version of The Strokes might have cooked up. With an irresistibly repetitive bassline and vocals that are spoken more often than sung, the song is straight up indie-funk.

But the sexed-up lyrics and half-whispered, half-squealing vocals of “One Week of Danger” make it my favorite. Lines like “Let’s get together / And get it on / Let’s get these clothes off / Before I’m gone” make the band’s name seem a little ironic.

Hopefully, The Virgins will keep up the funky blend of indie rock they’ve perfected when they drop their first full-length later this year. With such a tough New York attitude, I’m thinking they will.

—By Asst Entertainment Editor Franchesca Winters


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