No Age

No Age
Courtesy of Ed Templeton

No Age’s Myspace

Feast on feedback, distortion and a catchy beat to boot from the hands of No Age. For all those who wondered what it would be like if Neu! went pop, No Age lets the artsy rock fans let loose, but won’t scare away others so quickly either. The Los Angeles-based duo of guitarist Randy Randall and singer/drummer Dean Spunt are releasing their first proper album this May, following 2007’s Weirdo Rippers EP.

The first single off the record is “Eraser,” a gloriously fuzzy wall of sound. But then the tambourine kicks in, transforming the song into a toe-tapping blitz. On top of that, guitarist Randall adds an acoustic layer, giving the normally heavy distortion a spring in its step. Clocking in at a meager 2:40 – though it could have easily trailed on for five or six minutes – “Eraser” keeps rapt attention throughout, setting No Age apart from more indulgent noise bands.

They concentrate their energy into a tiny package, bursting on every beat. This may come naturally to No Age, which was forged from hardcore punk bands of L.A. But for listeners, it is a welcome breath of life into noise rock.

—By Asst Arts and Living Editor Bridget Riley


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