Unicycle Loves You

Unicycle loves you
Courtesy of Team Clermont Publishing

Unicycle Loves You – “Highway Robbery”
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If you’re looking for something to put a little more bounce in your step on your way to class, Unicycle Loves You could be just what you need. The Chicago quintet’s self-titled debut album (to be released in June) is full of plenty of infectious pop, quirky lyrics and unique instrumentation – but what else would you expect from a band with such a name?

A lot of the album sounds like it was vaguely inspired by the circus, as if the unicycle reference in the band name foreshadows the group’s sound. Most of the instrumental breaks sound like they could be in the background of a clown’s routine. Take, for example, the opening bars of “Woman Bait for Manfish.” Before the lyrics kick in, the only sound is that of a xylophone or glockenspiel which sounds like a cross between bubbles popping and what you might imagine the soundtrack of the Ringling Brothers’ life. In addition, the group mixes it up with some slack-key guitar on “Hawaii!” and steel drum sounds on “Great Bargains For Seniors.”

“Highway Robbery” is a great song for summer – kind of sugary sounding thanks to a chorus of “ba-ba-ba-ba”s, but with just enough edgy guitars and drums to even everything out. The lyrics don’t make a whole lot of sense, but it’s still peppered with some clever lines like, “Does the way you dance match the lust in your heart?”

It seems as if Unicycle Loves You puts eclecticism as one of their top priorities. The song “Dangerous Decade” is the perfect example of this. Mixed in with a smooth fifties-inspired groove is a frenetic cacophony of various brass instruments; there are frothy background vocals along with lines like, “I know she’s really easy / I read it on the bathroom stall.”

So if you’re looking for something a little different and a little fun, check out Unicycle Loves You — after all, the feeling might be mutual.

–By Entertainment Editor Ani Vrabel


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