Wolf Parade

Wolf Parade
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Wolf Parade – “Call it a Ritual”
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With artists such as Wolfmother, Wolf Eyes, Sea Wolf, Wolf and Cub, Patrick Wolf, and recent hits “Wolf Like Me,” “What Would Wolves Do?” and “Raised by Wolves” by TV on the Radio, Les Savy Fav, and Voxtrot, respectively, wolves are running completely wild through the indie-rock community.

But none of the aforementioned bands bring the bite of immediate hooks and growl of raspy guitars like Wolf Parade does, pushing the electro-rock group to the front of the pack. The Canadian quintet marched onto the scene in 2005 with their debut album Apologies to the Queen Mary, and is set to return with the recently titled 9-track LP, At Mount Zoomer, in August.

Wolf Parade released the second track on the album, named “Call It a Ritual” early to their fans. The tune combines wonderfully explosive drums and intensely focused keyboards to create a harmony that sounds truly… ritualistic. The pre-chorus haunts you like an occult chant, with lyrics like: “You know, they will swing, swing their swords for show / while you turn your flower petals so slow.” Lead singer and composer of Wolf Parade, Spencer Krug, really howls throughout the song, half-singing, half-talking many of the lyrics to a strangely appealing effect.

“Call It a Ritual,” reminds listeners of the best parts of their first album, and promises equally catchy songs on their sophomore effort. The band plans to start a North American tour in early July to promote At Mount Zoomer. Their newest set lists are certain to be filled with epically electronic tunes the listener can really sink their canines into.

So come join the pack. Take a listen to “Call It a Ritual” and bring out the inner canis lupus in you.

by Asst. Entertainment Editor Geoff Schorkopf


2 responses to “Wolf Parade

  1. Wow! Good to know there are some people out there who can appreciate indie music, and don’t necessarily live in Canada. It’s an excellent sign that the word is getting out about bands like Wolf Parade so that more people can appreciate their talent.

  2. You do realize that Spencer Krug isn’t the only “lead singer and composer of Wolf Parade” but rather only half of the equation, right?

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