Cavil At Rest

Cavil At Rest
Courtesy Cavil at Rest

Cavil At Rest – “House on Stilts”
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Not every band could get away with opening a song (“House on Stilts”) with the distant sounds of a lamb bleating and a dog barking. But Cavil at Rest isn’t really a big fan of convention. The barnyard sounds aren’t the only thing in the group’s quirky bag of tricks.

The quintet also employs hand claps, interesting vocal maneuvers and a wide range of instrumentation to produce smooth tracks, warm as the band’s Southern California home, that float around your head pleasantly, even hours after you’ve stopped listening.

In the band’s bio, the members declare that they aim to produce “music to tap your mind while you tap your feet.” It’s safe to say that they’ve done a pretty good job with that goal. Songs from Cavil at Rest’s EP, Apples to Oranges, and album, Orion Way, certainly induce foot tapping and demand reflection, as the group’s lyrics are often enigmatic — what exactly is “Songbird, put your voice to mine” supposed to mean, anyway? — and always poignant.

They may have played some notable venues and shared the stage with big names like Jimmy Eat World, but diehard indie fans, take note: The group is so dedicated to maintaining their unique image and sound that they aren’t even signed to a record label. Instead, the group chooses to manage itself, thus remaining one of music’s best-kept secrets.

—By Entertainment Editor Ani Vrabel


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