The Maine

The Maine
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The Maine’s Myspace

A few months and a MySpace page.

That’s all it took for The Maine to draw a crowd of 600 fans – and label executives – at their very first show. Although barely out of high school (two of the members graduated a year early to play with the band full-time), the Arizona-based pop-punk quintet signed with Fearless Records and released their debut EP less than a year after forming.

That EP, The Way We Talk, is a glorious 17-minute-long summertime soundtrack. Lead singer John O’Callaghan’s charming vocals make songs about failed relationships sound as sunny and fun-filled as a day at the beach. On the album’s title track, lyrics like “You’re as fake as the moans you make / And you’re as weak as the hearts you break” pair up with upbeat hooks to create a song that begs for rolled-down windows and turned-up speakers.

“If I Only Had The Heart” follows in the same vein, lamenting “that girl” as O’Callaghan sings “Please just forget me / When I’m out all alone on the east coast / And please don’t forgive me / When you’re home all alone and you need me most.” An electro synth beat and warped vocals set “Give Me Anything” apart from the rest of the band’s pop-inspired tracks, while a background of keyboard and tambourine spice up the album’s closing track, “The Town’s Been Talkin’.”

But what sealed the deal for me was the band’s dance-worthy, albeit G-rated, cover of Akon’s “I Wanna Love You,” which can be found on Punk Goes Crunk, a compliation of hip-hop songs performed by rock stars. After hearing the song on a friend’s MySpace and listening to it on repeat for an embarassingly long amount of time, I knew I wanted to love The Maine.

—By Asst Entertainment Editor Franchesca Winters


One response to “The Maine

  1. I went to see The Maine live in my hometown, phoenix, az. They gave a really awesome show… I actually met the singer too. We took pictures together and everything. He was really nice.. And really really good looking…

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