Courtesy of Subpop Records

CSS – “Rat is Dead (Rage)”

Cansei de Ser Sexy, better known as CSS, started as a group of Brazilian party kids raging through the underground nightclub scene of Sao Paolo. After recording a few songs, they gained recognition on South American music websites. But they didn’t achieve international acknowledgment until their hit “Music is My Hot Hot Sex” was featured in an iPod ad, which is essentially the musical equivalent of being selected for Oprah’s book club. As a result, the band blew up overnight, claiming the highest spot by a Brazilian band on the Billboard Top 100 in the chart’s history.

The band’s music strikes like a flying electro-funk sidekick to the face. Their lyrics are bold and often unapologetically snide, a harsh blow to anyone with the misfortune of being the focus of their criticism. In the song “Art Bitch,” CSS sarcastically mocks pretentious pseudo-artists with the lyrics, “I am so hardcore/ I sell my crap and people ask for more/ Call me revolutionaire.” Similarly, the band also takes great pleasure in jabbing Paris Hilton in a song titled “Meeting Paris Hilton.”

CSS stands for nothing if not pure, wild fun. The group’s latest album, Donkey, is full of bouncing bass, humming synths and blaring guitars to pump you up to party. Their attitude extends to their kinetic live performances, which are marked by their powerfully jumpy electro-rock sets and the outrageously colorful costumes of Lovefoxxx, the band’s spunky frontwoman.

Arguably, CSS can be summed up the lyrics of “Jager Yoga,” the opening track of Donkey: “F—k with us, we are CSS…We didn’t come in to the world to walk around/We came here to take you out!”

—By Entertainment Blog Editor Alex Blum


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