Bess Rogers

Courtesy of Bess Rogers

Bess Rogers – “See Me? See You!”

Bess Rogers means business. The title of her album, Decisions Based on Information, says it all: This girl says what she means and means what she says, and in a way that is always mellow and usually sunny.

“Modern Man” is the perfect way to dive into Rogers’ warm sound and mad ukulele skills. The lines “Give a gal a little time to think / Give a gal a little bit to drink” bounce around between her gentle plucking. And on the other end of her sonic spectrum is “Notice,” a heartfelt and bittersweet song about realizing that a relationship is over.

Rogers is all about striking that perfect balance. Yes, her music shows her serious side, but she’s got plenty of spunk, too. YouTube videos in which she talks about drinking and playful rival T-shirts with good friend and fellow Playlister Jenny Owen Youngs are perfect examples. Musically, her songs are quite complex with layers of string instruments and piano, but they never sound forced or contrived. Her lyrics are simple, describing common coming-of-age experiences (usually pertaining to love and relationships), but they never seem clichéd. And most importantly, Rogers’ sweet voice, which always sounds sincere and never whiny, shines through on every track.

Honestly, the recent influx of female singer-songwriters can make any perusal of iTunes a little overwhelming. But take it from me: make an informed decision and pick up Bess Rogers debut album.

–By Entertainment Editor Ani Vrabel


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