Little Jackie

little jackie
Courtesy of Little Jackie

Little Jackie is unabashedly sassy, spunky and feisty, and it’s apparent from a first listen. What isn’t as apparent is that Little Jackie isn’t just some self-assured woman who can spit witty rhymes over catchy-yet-smooth R&B sounds. Instead, Little Jackie is actually a pop duo made up of vocalist Imani Coppola and multi-instrumentalist Adam Pallin.

But it’s Coppola who really steals the show. With a solo career mostly comprised of self-released albums already under her belt, her husky voice sounds polished, but still fresh, and her songs always have an edge to them. Hell, Coppola uses the word “yessiree” on the album’s first single, “The World Should Revolve Around Me,” and still manages to sound badass.

Her lyrics read like a hip, sarcastic autobiography, showing pride for herself, her race and the duo’s hometown of Brooklyn, N.Y. In fact, Little Jackie’s debut album, The Stoop, and its title track both pay homage to life in one of NYC’s most colorful boroughs.

What is most refreshing about Little Jackie’s songs is that they dismiss standard hip-hop topics of cars and bling and are instead always rooted in reality. Coppola is more than willing to sing about human vices with lines like, “Another bottle of whiskey has been emptied/I know you wouldn’t put it past me” on “28 Butts.” Even on “Black Barbie,” where Coppola compares herself to the iconic doll, she sings, “Cheers to my publicist for making me look like an angel.”

Pallin provides a unique musical backing, ranging from jazzy brass sounds to psuedo-reggae beats to more traditional hip-hop percussion. With these diverse soundscapes serving as the backdrop for Coppola’s velvety voice and cheeky lyrics, Little Jackie creates perfect music for a mid-week pick-me-up, a Friday night dance party or just an afternoon chilling on your front stoop.

–By Entertainment Editor Ani Vrabel


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