Barefoot Confessor

barefoot con
Courtesy of Barefoot Confessor

Barefoot Confessor’s Myspace

Even in its hometown of London, Barefoot Confessor remains underground — literally. I saw the group perform over the summer at an underground bar and have followed it ever since.

The self-proclaimed “scruffy but poignant indie rock” sound of Barefoot Confessor can’t really be classified. These guys aren’t trying to be the Arctic Monkeys or any other band that has crossed the pond in recent years. They seem perfectly happy to just do their own thing, playing guitar-heavy songs with simple-yet-clever lyrics about life — and a little bit of love — in London.

“Camden Road,” named after the area which houses the city’s most eclectic and punk-friendly street markets, shows disdain for society and counter-culture with lines like, “He ain’t got no credit / He put it up his nose.” With mournful, folky guitar chords and words like “shagger” and “bloke” sprinkled throughout, the song captures the vibe of a rainy English afternoon perfectly.

But songs like “Isabella” and “Urgency” are far peppier, with the music alternating between a slow, lyrical sound and a more frantic, near-whirlwind instrumental build-up.

These guys are just starting out, but with the buzz about them soon being signed to a record label, we can only hope that they’ll come to the surface — preferably on this side of the Atlantic — soon.

–By Entertainment Editor Ani Vrabel


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