The Little Ones

the lttle ones
Courtesy of Pamela Littky

The Little Ones’ Myspace

A couple weeks ago, as I was sitting in the library, completely engrossed in both my iPod and my studying, the guy next to me tapped me on the shoulder and asked what I was listening to. I began to apologize profusely for having the sound turned up too loud when he cut me off and explained that from the little bit that he could hear, he thought it sounded awesome and needed to know the name of the band immediately.

Yes, The Little Ones are just that infectious. Even when heard secondhand, muffled by someone else’s earphones, their bouncy beats are irresistible.

The quintet’s EP, Sing Song, and debut full-length, Morning Tide, both have a summery, laid-back feel. With hand claps and harmonicas as prevalent as the standard lineup of drums and guitars, the group has a unique sound that is simultaneously peppy and relaxing.

The album’s title track boasts lines like, “The touch of midday sun broke from the sky at once and echoed my own cheer” that showcase the sense of optimism that pervades the album. The bridge of “do-do-do-do-do” certainly doesn’t hurt either.
A few of the band’s other tunes, like “Let Them Ring the Bells” and “Cha Cha Cha,” are still positive, but are far less over-the-top on the happiness front due to more mellow instrumentation.

After I told that guy what I was listening to, he scribbled “The Little Ones” and an album name on a scrap of homework. He thanked me as if I had just surprised him with some kind of wonderful gift. And in a way, I guess I had. We all need a little dose of musical optimism from time to time, especially in the library.

–By Entertainment Editor Ani Vrabel


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