Courtesy of Jaymay

Jaymay – “Gray Or Blue”

Singer-songwriter Jamie Seerman — who performs under the name Jaymay — cites Bob Dylan as her primary musical influence. After listening to her music rather carefully, this begins to make sense: Songs from her debut full-length, Autumn Fallin’, and EP, Sea Green, Sea Blue, have a contemplative, sprawling folk sound that pays homage to the 1960s icon.

But it’s clear that Jaymay simply sees Dylan as an important influence rather than as a person to try to emulate. Her guitar is warmer, her voice is sweeter and clearer and her lyrics almost always make perfect sense.

Jaymay moves away from classic vintage folk by forgoing political statements and focusing more on personal issues. Her lyrics often include realistic tidbits of conversation, even some that include her name, such as on “You Are the Only One I Love.” These touches invite listeners to experience, even if fleetingly, her life firsthand. Yet remarkably, even the most confessional lyrics paired with melancholy music are never whiney or trite; in fact, songs like “Ill Willed Person,” about trying not to feel animosity toward an ex, are refreshingly honest.

Although Jaymay’s simple guitar-based ditties have many of the characteristics commonly associated with folk, she certainly isn’t the most traditional representation of the genre.

But as Dylan himself said: “The times, they are a-changin’.”

–By Entertainment Editor Ani Vrabel


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