The Spinto Band

Courtesy of Elizabeth Weinberg

The Spinto Band – “Summer Grof”

Any young start-up band that still needs a role model should look no further than the Spinto Band. The group originally formed as Free Beer – the six bored pre-teens who made up the group thought the name was simply hilarious – in a Wilmington, Del. basement. Now, the group’s fresh take on indie rock makes the Spinto Band’s humble – and immature – beginnings almost unthinkable.

Although most of the group’s songs could be boiled down to the steady-rock-background-and-slightly-bizarre-lyrics combination, each song incorporates various instrumental and vocal techniques that make it unique and creative. Despite this similar foundation, every track on the group’s 2006 release, Nice and Nicely Done, has something distinctive, and the individual songs works together to create an intricate and quirky musical tableau.

On “Japan is an Island,” the Spinto Band pairs electronic beeping noises with heavy rock ‘n’ roll guitar riffs; “Brown Boxes” opens with a static-y chord progression before the music gives way to the tinny sound of a xylophone. Lead singer Nick Krill delivers most of the seemingly nonsensical lyrics of “So Kind, Stacy” in a staccato, almost breathless fashion, reminiscent of a secret whispered conversation made up of inside jokes. On other tracks, his voice ranges from borderline-whiney (“Oh Mandy”) to borderline-gravelly (“Late”).

The Spinto Band keeps up the trend of innovation on its most recent album, Moonwink, released in September. Consequently, the group’s listeners are kept on their toes, and are always rewarded with some distinctive tunes. It might not be the free alcohol that the band seemed to promise at its inception, but it’s still a damn good deal.

–By Entertainment Editor Ani Vrabel


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