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The Fray might think they know how to save a life and Jack’s Mannequin may make one helluva mix tape, but neither band brings together passionate piano arrangements, rock riffs and intelligent lyrics like rising Cincinnati-based trio Seabird.

With its captivating 2008 debut ‘Til We See the Shore, the band, which is currently on tour with Jars of Clay, blends these three instrumental and lyrical elements like a group of seasoned veterans. Rather than relying too heavily on the ivories, Seabird crafts songs that are a charming mix of musical influences.

This varied instrumentalism is only complemented by lead singer and pianist Aaron Morgan’s crooning, which traverses the line between raw and refined. The result is a sound driven by both classical chords and heavy bass.

Seabird’s first single “Rescue” is a lush and infectious track in which Morgan sings, “I’m pushing up daisies / I wish they were roses / I feel like I’m drowning / But nobody knows it.” Fittingly, ABC used the song to promote its recently cancelled show “Pushing Daisies.”

But the band’s standout tracks are “Falling For You” and “Maggie Mahoney.” While “Falling For You” successfully captures the eternally-relatable experience of longing, the latter features rapid, spoken lyrics and a retro piano waltz delightfully reminiscent of the 2006 radio reign of Panic at the Disco.

With a sound that is both distinctive and emotionally engaging, Seabird is undoubtedly ready to take flight in the world of popular piano rock.

—By Entertainment Editor Franchesca Winters


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