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Chomeo’s Myspace

Chromeo is on a mission to fight bad music taste. This psychedelic electrofunk duo from Montreal dubs it “Hypo Auditory Aesthetic Aphasia,” also known as HAAA. “It’s a serious socio-psychological disease manifested by awful taste in music. And it’s scary,” says singer David Macklovitch in a YouTube video titled “Chromeo Fights Crappy Music.” As Macklovitch snaps on a white, medical glove, instrumentalist Patrick Gemayel nods sadly in agreement.

In that video, the band visits New York City to combat the outbreak of HAAA. The duo slaps a “I Beat HAAA” sticker onto a jazz fan and grow concerned over a yuppie who says “hip-hop didn’t do it for me.” While I thank Chromeo for the laughs, it should rest assured that its freakishly catchy, ’80s pop songs are enough to fight crappy music.

Its second album, Fancy Footwork, earned an A- from music critic Robert Christgau. Singles like “Bonafied Lovin’” and “Fancy Footwork,” with Macklovitch’s cheeky lyrics and synthesized funk, inject a dancing groove into your body. The type that makes listeners wish they knew how to moonwalk and pop-and-lock, even if it meant secretly practicing in front of your closet mirror as a kid.

Chromeo’s infectious vibe has boogied its way into 2009 with the release of single “Night by Night” by music label Green Label Sound.

Currently, the band is working to complete another studio album for a summer of 2010 release. So don’t worry— if the summer heat waves affect your judgment and you get a case of HAAA, then Chromeo will be there to fight it off.

— By Asst. Entertainment Editor
Ginny Chae


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