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Whether or not you’re addicted to the Upper East Side shenanigans of Blair, Chuck and the rest of the “Gossip Girl” gang, you’ve got to admit that the folks over at The CW have good taste in music. In its first season, the show featured every song from the debut EP of indie-rock gods The Virgins and a mesmerizing performance by folk-pop duo The Pierces. On Nov. 9, “Gossip Girl” was at it again, shining the limelight on the little-known Plastiscines.

Although the Plastiscines, a Parisian quartet comprised of four enviously gorgeous French girls, have made quite a name for themselves across the pond, their seductive sounds have yet to flirt with the eardrums of most American listeners. Throughout its ultra-brief discography, the Plastiscines leap from grungy, distorted ’70s post-punk (“No Way”) to rollicking garage rock (“Bicyclette”), but it’s ultimately the band’s saucy dance-pop tracks that capture what the Plastiscines are all about.

Although I, admittedly, have only a faint idea what feisty frontwoman Katty Besnard is singing about, the simple rock chords of “Loser,” the bouncy French-language single off the band’s 2007 debut, LP1, transcend any language barrier. Wonderfully upbeat, the song showcases the girls’ signature group shouting and toe-tapping bass. Likewise, “B—h,” an aptly-titled English track from the band’s sophomore effort About Love, which was released this summer, and one of the two sultry songs performed on “Gossip Girl,” revels in female unpredictability. Besnard sings, “I’m a b—h / When I fall in love / I’m a b—h / When I give a kiss / I’m a b—h / When I sing like this / I’m a b—h / In disguise.”

With simple yet addictive instrumentalism and wild live performances, the Plastiscines are anything but a cookie-cutter girl group. “Gossip Girl” might be losing the ratings game, but with bands as quirky and fun as the Plastiscines gracing the set, its soundtrack is hipper than ever.

— By Entertainment Editor
Franchesca Winters


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